Sunday, 28 July 2019

Finishing off the Interactive Confetti Room Controller

Last week I managed to help finish off the interactive confetti room controller.  It which was finally made up of the following components:

1x Arduino Uno R3 clone
1x prototyping shield
1x magnetic door sensor and complementary magnet
3x 10 kΩ resistors
1x DS1307 i2c real time clock module
1x Elegoo 8 channel relay module
5x Single UK mains plug socket extensions
1x 5 Vdc power supply for the Arduino Uno and Relay PCB

The build was put together as follows:

The mains power all came from a single input poorly shown coming in at the bottom left.  This connection was then used to power the 5 Vdc power supply for the arduino and the relay module.  The live connection to the outputs was controlled by the relay PCB between the normally open and common connections.  The relays inputs were connected to the arduino uno digital pins at 11, 10, 9 and 8 respectively.  The door sensor was connected via between 5 Vdc and digital pin 2 of the arduino, a 10  resistor and GND.  The real time clock module was connected to the i2c pins A4 and A5 of the arduino UNO.  The i2c lines were also 'pulled up to 5 Vdc via 10 kΩ resistors to ensure correct operation.  

Note: The Elegoo relay module screw terminals are quite small and it was difficult to insert 1.5 mm diameter mains cable into them.  I ended up getting some thick single core house wiring conductor and using that and when connecting the live conductor to that.  I then covered the lot in hot glue and insulating tape to try to prevent the exposed live being touched.  As everything is going inside a box it shouldn't be an issue anyway.  The final user who will be using this controller and developing the firmware was clearly warned!  

The whole assembly was mounted to a laser cut wooden this turned out to be a little undersized I then put the whole lot inside a 230 x 230 x 120 mm laser cut wooden box.  Strain relief was added to all cables using some cable ties. The lid was left off while the firmware was developed by the customer.  I assisted where I was requested but I am not the best at coding and was also short on time so I left them to it!

Here is a photo of the kit inside the box:

Here is a photo of the box with it's unattached lid:

Well that's it for this quick project.  I may well add source code and video of the final effect when I get the chance to see it!  I'm aware this post lacks the usual detail but there wasn't much to write about.

That's all for now - Langster!

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